Table 1

Discursive and instrumental strategies used by the tobacco industry to try to stop additive ban in Brazil, based on Ulucanlar et al 43

During COP4–2010
Discursive strategyDomainArgument
Unanticipated costs to economy and societyThe economyLoss of jobs (specially farmers) and sales; impossibility to grow burley tobacco.
Law enforcementRise of illicit trade: adults who smoke flavoured cigarettes will purchase them in illicit market.
The lawWHO/FCTC is acting beyond its mandate.
Unintended benefits to undeserving groupsSmugglers will profitRise of illicit trade.
Public health benefitsThere is not enough evidence of positive impact on public healthThere is no scientific evidence about the relation between the use of additives in tobacco use and the attractiveness of tobacco products.
  • COP, Conference of the Parties; FCTC, Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.