Table 1

Weighted real price changes in pack revenue and tax—popular pack sizes in UK 2010–2015

Total price increase (£)Government tax increase (£)Tobacco industry revenue increase (£)% of price change that is government tax% of price change that is tobacco industry revenue
January 2010 to December 2012α
FM premium 20 stick0.910.750.168218
FM mid-price 20 stick0.960.810.158416
FM value 20 stick1.120.930.198317
FM value 19 stick0.950.820.138614
Total FM*8416
RYO premium 12.5 g0.580.470.118119
RYO mid-price 12.5 g0.600.470.137822
RYO value 12.5 g0.550.450.108218
Total RYO*8020
January 2013 to December 2015β
FM premium 20 stick1.290.760.535941
FM mid-price 20 stick1.080.700.386535
FM value 19 stick0.830.620.217525
FM subvalue 19 stick0.370.43–0.06116−16
Total FM*6733
RYO premium 12.5 g0.640.300.344753
RYO mid-price 12.5 g0.550.290.265248
RYO value 12.5 g0.390.250.146436
Total RYO*5248
  • α As of 31 March 2011 £1=US$1.603.21

  • β As of 31 March 2014 £1=US$1.6672.22

  • *Weighted for volume, popular pack sizes only.

  • FM, factory-made cigarettes; RYO, roll-your-own tobacco.