Table 3

The 10 Host: Biobehavioral measures recommended and approved for inclusion in the PhenX Toolkit

Measure name (PhenX id)Description of measurement protocol
Amount, Type, and Frequency of Recent Cigarette Use (720101)Self-based, interviewer-based or computer-based protocol to assess the use of single or multiple tobacco products over 7 days to 2 years prior to the interview
Biomarkers–Cotinine in Serum (91703)Laboratory-based protocol to measure serum cotinine
Biomarkers–Expired Carbon Monoxide (720301)Interviewer-administered protocol to collect CO samples
Biomarkers–NNAL in Urine (720401)Laboratory-based protocol for the detection of tobacco-specific alkaloids in urine
Cue Reaction to Tobacco Stimuli (720501)Interviewer-based protocol to assess a participant’s reactions to tobacco-related stimuli
Flavor preference–e-Cigarette Adult & Youth (720601 & 720602)Adult—Self-administered questionnaire to determine flavour preference when using e-cigarette products
Youth—Self-administered questionnaire to determine flavour preference when using e-cigarettes
Pregnancy Status and Tobacco Use (720801)Self-based or interviewer-based protocol to assess pregnancy history and the use of tobacco and other substances during pregnancy
Pregnancy Status–Mother and Baby Health (720901)Self-administered protocol to assess problems during pregnancy and after childbirth
Withdrawal from Tobacco Use (721001)Self-based and observation-based protocol to assess symptoms of withdrawal from tobacco use
  • CO, carbon monoxide; NNAL, 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanol.