Table 2

TRR Core: Tier 2 measures in the PhenX Toolkit

Measure name (PhenX ID#)Domain/Collection
Annual Family Income (11100)Demographics
Child-reported Parental Education Attainment (210200)Social Environments
Self-reported General Health Status (770100)TRR Core: Tier 2
Veteran Status (770300)TRR Core: Tier 2
Peer and Family Influence on Smoking (710900)TRR Host: Social/Cognitive
Flavor preference- e-cigarettes (720600)TRR Host: Biobehavioral
 Protocols for Adults and Adolescents
Tobacco Brand and Variety (730700)TRR: Agent
 Protocols for Cigarettes, Cigars and Smokeless Tobacco
Self-reported Tobacco Product Price Paid (740800)TRR: Vector
 Protocols for Cigarettes, Cigars, Smokeless Tobacco and e-cigarettes
Exposure to Tobacco Advertising on the Internet and Social Media (740100)TRR: Vector
Internalising, Externalising and Substance Use Disorders Screener (580100)Substance Abuse and Addiction Core: Tier 2
Self-reported Craving (520300)Substance Abuse and Addiction: Substance-specific Intermediate Phenotypes
 Protocols for General Craving, and for Tobacco, Alcohol, Cocaine, Marijuana and Heroin
Smoking Quit Attempts (71000)Cancer
Passive Smoke Exposure (70300)Cancer
Blunt Use (770200)TRR Core: Tier 2
  • TRR, Tobacco Regulatory Research.