Table 2

Complementary Agent measures already in the PhenX Toolkit

ElementPhenX measure (PhenX id)Domain/collection name
Brand and varietyTobacco (Non-Cigarette)–Product Use (081400)Oral health (Domain)
Point of Sale Environment for Alcohol and Tobacco (550800)SAA (Collection)
Consumption measurementsCigarette Price–Quantity of Cigarettes Purchased (550100)SAA (Collection)
Tobacco 30 Day Quantity and Frequency (Adolescent [030803] and Adult [030804])Alcohol, tobacco and other substances (Domain)
Cigarette Nicotine Dependence (031000)
Tobacco–Age of Initiation of First Cigarette Use (Adolescent [030701] and Adult [030703])
Tobacco–Age of Offset of Cigarette Use (Adolescent [030903] and Adult [030902])
Smoking Status (Adolescent [030603] and Adult [030604])
Abuse liabilityAcute Subjective Response to Substances–Current–Specific–Tobacco (520104)SAA (Collection)
Product appealPoint of Sale Environment for Alcohol and Tobacco (550800)SAA (Collection)
Product constituentsMotives–ATOS–Specific–Tobacco (520504)SAA (Collection)
Product emissionsCurrent Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure (060700)Environmental exposures (Domain)
Passive Smoke Exposure (070301)Cancer (Domain)
Topography measuresSubstance Abuse and Dependence–Past Year–Tobacco (510403)SAA (Collection)
ToxicologyAir Contaminants in the Home Environment (061101)Environmental exposure (Domain)
Urine Assay for Tobacco Smoke Exposure (091701)Respiratory (Domain)
  • Note: Product Adulteration, Characterisation, Physical Assessments/Design Features and Warning Label Awareness and Exposure have no relevant measures in the Toolkit.

  • SAA, Substance Abuse and Addiction.