Table 3

The ten Agent measures recommended and approved for inclusion in the PhenX Toolkit

Measure name (PhenX id)Description of measurement protocol
History of Switching to Lower Tar and Nicotine Cigarettes (730101)Interviewer-administered protocol determining the number of times a smoker has gone a day without smoking and whether a respondent has ever switched to cigarettes perceived as less harmful.
Nicotine Content (730301)Laboratory-based protocol quantifying nicotine in smoked or smokeless tobacco products.
Passive Exposures to Tobacco Products (730401)Interviewer-administered protocol to assess a respondent’s exposure to smoke in different environments.
Physical Properties of Tobacco Products (730501 & 730502) Cigarettes and Filtered Cigars (730501): Visual inspection protocol determining the length, circumference, filter ventilation, tobacco weight, filter composition and filter overwrap length of cigarettes and filtered cigars.
Smokeless Tobacco (730502): Laboratory protocol assessing the total moisture content within various smokeless tobacco products.
Tobacco Brand and Variety* (730701, 730702 & 730703) Cigars (730701): Interviewer-administered protocol determining the cigar brand and type smoked by respondents.
Cigarettes (730702): Self-administered protocol determining the type of cigarette brand used most often by the respondent in the past 30 days.
Smokeless Tobacco (730703): Self-administered protocol determining the smokeless tobacco brands or varieties used and purchased by respondents within a 12-month period.
Tobacco Product Adulteration–Vent or Filter Blocking (730801)Interviewer-administered protocol determining whether respondents currently or have ever filter-blocked or vent-blocked cigarettes and their perceptions of the effects of doing so.
Tobacco Warning Label Exposure and Recall (730901)Self-administered protocol assessing exposure to health warnings and ability to recall message content.
  • *Selected for inclusion in the Core Tier 2 collection.5