Table 2

Complementary environment measures in the PhenX Toolkit

SubgroupComplementary PhenX measuresPhenX domain/specialty collection
Policy environmentPoint-of-sale environment for alcohol and tobacco (PhenX id=550801)SAA (specialty collection)
Cigarette price (PhenX id=550101)
Urine assay for tobacco smoke exposure (PhenX id=091701)Respiratory (domain)
Passive smoke exposure (PhenX id=070301)Cancer (domain)
Current environmental tobacco smoke exposure (PhenX id=060701)Environmental exposures (domain)
Community environmentNeighbourhood safety (PhenX id=210901)Social environments (domain)
Neighbourhood collective efficacy-community cohesion and informal social control (PhenX id=210801)
Neighbourhood concentrated disadvantage (PhenX id=211302)
Race/ethnic residential segregation (PhenX id=211400)
Community risk and protective factors (PhenX id=540101)SAA (specialty collection)
  • Communications environment and social norms/acceptability have no complementary measures in the Toolkit.

  • SAA,¬†substance abuse and addiction.