Table 3

Risk perception item descriptive statistics

Health outcomes
 Specific health outcome57137
 General health outcome3685
 Not applicable36
Risk type
 Specific other819
 Average other<11
 Not applicable25
Absolute or comparative
 Not applicable38
 Frequency and product819
 Time and product25
 Frequency, time and product512
 Product and other12
 Unknown/not applicable<11
 Not assessed2765
Risks known to experts or others38
Numeric risk estimate615
Rating scale (Likert type)77183
Other response option1741
Transformation/combination of items1228
  • *Sixty-two per cent (n=148) of all items coded assessed the risk associated with cigarette smoking, and 26% did not include a product (eg, “How likely are you to get lung cancer?”). The remaining items assessed the risk of hookah smoking (n=12, 5%); menthol cigarettes (n=5, 2%); e-cigarettes (n=3, 1%); bidis (n=3, 1%); roll-your-own, pipes and cigars (n=3, 1%); reduced-risk-labelled cigarettes (n=2, 0.8%); or general tobacco (n=1, 0.4%) (data not shown). In some instances, both cigarettes and other products were assessed together (n=12, 5% eg, “How do you compare Shisha and cigarette smoking considering their health effects?”).