Table 2

Complementary TRR Host: Social/Cognitive measures already in the PhenX Toolkit

PhenX measure (PhenX ID)Domain/Collection name
Tobacco (non-cigarette)–Product Use (081401)Oral Health (Domain)
Protocol 1: Adolescent Tobacco UseAlcohol, Tobacco and Other Substances (Domain)
 30-Day  Quantity and Frequency (030803)
 Age of Initiation Use (030701)
 Age of Offset of Use (030903)
 Smoking Status (030603)
Protocol 2: Adult Tobacco Use
 30 -Day  Quantity and Frequency (030804)
 Age of Initiation Use (030703)
 Age of Offset of Use (030902)
 Smoking Status (030604)
 Cigarette Nicotine Dependence (031001)
 Lifetime Abuse and Dependence (031401)
 Lifetime Use (031101)
Urine Assay for Tobacco Smoke Exposure (091701)Respiratory (Domain)
Smoking Quit Attempts (071001)
Personal Perception and Knowledge of Smoking-Related Cancer Risk (070701)
Cancer (Domain)
Patterns of Substance UseAssessment of Substance Use and Substance Use Disorders (Specialty Collection)
 Adolescents (510303)
 Adults (510302)
Substance Abuse and Dependence–Past Year–Tobacco (510403)
Expectancies–Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Substances–Tobacco (520407)
Motives–Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Substances–Specific–Tobacco (520504)
Substance-Specific Intermediate Phenotypes (Specialty Collection)
Disapproval of Substance  Use (550202)Substance Use-Related Community Factors (Specialty Collection)
Current Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure (060701)Environmental Exposures (Domain)
Personality Traits (121101)Psychiatric (Domain)
Disinhibiting Behaviors–Impulsivity (Child, 180402; Adolescent and Adult, 180401)Psychosocial (Domain)