Table 1

Mean (%) demographic characteristics for wave 1, wave 2 and communities without restriction polices

VariableWave 1
Wave 2
No restriction
 Female (%)50.651.951.1
 Non-white (%)
 College graduates (%)43.338.538.3
 Urban (%)74.2 88.9*68.5
 Median income66 32976 43876 819
 Median age40.841.642.3
 Retail density1.71.21.2
 Independent retailers (%)57.9 40.4*58.3
 Funded communities (%)61.1 80.0*52.1
 Baseline flavoured product availability (%)†62.671.167.7
  • Communities in wave 1 implemented flavoured tobacco restriction policies from October 2015 to March 2016, while communities in wave 2 implemented these policies from April 2016 to September 2016. Communities in the no restriction group do not have this policy (at the time study was conducted).

  • *P<0.05 for Wilcoxon rank-sum tests comparing wave 2 communities and no restriction communities.

  • †Flavoured product availability is the availability of at least one of the following three products in tobacco retailers: a flavoured cigar/cigarillo, a flavoured e-cigarette or a flavoured e-liquid. Flavoured products are defined as those with a characterising flavour (eg, candy, fruit and alcohol), excluding menthol/mint flavours.