Table 3

ANOVA results for withdrawal symptoms/smoking urges by time (pre vs post) and condition (flavoured vs non-flavoured) (n=143)

ConditionTimeCondition × time
FP valueFP valueFP value
Minnesota Nicotine Withdrawal Scale
 Urges to smoke a waterpipe<0.1n.s66.4 <0.010.4n.s
 Difficulty concentrating2.1n.s7.2 <0.011.5n.s
 Hunger4.4 <0.0522.5 <0.010.6n.s
 Craving a waterpipe/nicotine0.3n.s37.8 <0.01<0.1n.s
 Drowsiness1.8n.s40.4 <0.012.7n.s
 Depression/feeling blue1.4n.s<0.1n.s0.4n.s
 Desire for sweets1.6n.s3.9n.s0.5n.s
Questionnaire of Smoking Urges (QSU)
 Factor 1*0.4n.s148.8 <0.011n.s
 Factor 2†1.2n.s43.2 <0.010.2n.s
  • *Intention to smoke.

  • †Anticipation of relief from withdrawal.

  • ns, non-significant.