Table 1

Baseline characteristics for the overall sample (n=144)

VariablesOverall sample
Gender (%)
Race (%)
 Hispanic (%)58.3
 Age (in years)*21.8 (2.9)
 Age of first smoking of waterpipe*17.7 (2.4)
 Student status (%)67.4
 Waterpipe uses/month*6.1 (9.2)
 Screening eCO*2 (1.3)
Average time spent smoking waterpipe (%)
 Less than 30 min9
 30–60 min60.4
 More than 60 min30.6
Tobacco use (%)†
 Sharing waterpipe with others (%)91.6
Location of waterpipe smoking (%)
 At home22.2
 At friends’ place27.1
 At a public place50.7
Preferred flavours (%)
 Mixed fruits33.5
  • *Data presented as mean (SD).

  • †Tobacco use of ≤ 5 times/month.

  • ‡Other includes mango, watermelon and blueberry.

  • eCO, exhaled carbon monoxide.