Table 2

TSP recorded during exposure experiments in the mouse nose-only exposure chamber

RegimenProduct 1 TSP* (mg/m3)±SDProduct 2 TSP* (mg/m3)±SD
Chronic exposure (6 months)
 Modified Beirut644±141521±40
Acute exposure (1 hour)
 Dry smoke†ND654±307
  • ND means product 1 was not tested.

  • *Mean TSPs of daily measures taken through each 1-hour exposure session according to product and puffing regimen.

  • †Mean TSP for WP smoke generated without water in the bowl (dry smoke). TSP includes all particulates and water from the smoke. For WP mainstream smoke, we found that water weight accounts for 57% (±13, SD; n=4) of the total filter weight, which was used as a correction factor for nicotine quantification.

  • TSP, total suspended particle; WP, waterpipe.