Table 2

Range reported in the literature for filtered cigarettes and this study’s waterpipe mainstream smoke yields for a single brand

Target compoundCAS numberFiltered cigarette (mass per rod)*Waterpipe (mass per session)†
Total particulate matter, mg4.5–45583–1080
Nicotine, mg54-11-50.19–3.690.55–0.85
CO, mg630-08-01.21–31.512.5–97.4
Menthol, mg2216-51-50 – 3.92‡0.14–0.19
Cotinine, µg486-56-62.66–4.050.59–1.09
Pyrene, ng129-00-049.5§90–192
HMF, µg67-47-01.3–7.4¶3200–5050
FFA, µg98-00-018–65218–491
2-FA, µg88-14-244–10784.7–179
2F, µg98-01-10.71–27.560.8–163
2-FMK, µg1192-62-70.54**5.91–27.3
5 M-2-F, µg620-02-06–2936.1–142
  • *Yields from from reference61 . Note: Tar yields shown for total particulate matter.

  • †Yields from single brand of tobacco examined in this study.

  • ‡Data estimated from rod contents reported in reference56; assumed 20% transfer to smoke.

  • §Yields reported for 1R4F and 2R4F in reference62 .

  • ¶Yields from filtered cigarettes measured in reference63 .

  • **Yield taken from 0% potassium lactate cigarette reported in reference64.