Table 2

Waterpipe smoking topography measures, CO and plasma nicotine by condition and smoking group status (N=143)

Low-frequency users (n=69)High-frequency users (n=74)P value*Low-frequency users (n=69)High-frequency users
P value*
Total smoke time (min)42:547:3742:028:020.50940:06†9:4240:569:050.599
Cumulative puffing time (min)4:593:146:133:46 0.037 4:162:415:18†3:06 0.034
Average puff duration (s) 0.023
Average IPI (s)28.1717.5725.7717.140.41031.6919.9128.3619.550.316
Total no of puffs106.6364.00111.9386.370.67996.9466.46104.7686.500.549
Total inhaled volume (L)51.1633.3181.5054.73 < 0.001 53.5333.3578.9251.81 0.001
Average puff volume (L)0.570.350.780.42 0.001 0.66†0.352.048.520.185
eCO boost (ppm)12.111.730.7233.27 < 0.001 17.52†14.6333.3727.60 < 0.001
Nicotine boost (ng/mL)4.330.5810.451.17 < 0.001 5.69†0.819.090.97 0.008
  • Bold numbers indicate statistical significance at p<0.05

  • *P value indicates the significant difference between smoking groups within tobacco conditions.

  • †Sign indicates a significant difference between flavoured and unflavoured for that smoking group (p<0.05).

  • CO, carbon monoxide; IPI, interpuff interval; eCO, expired carbon monoxide.