Table 2

Logistic regression of preban (2011) association between never-smokers’ susceptibility to smoke and noticing cigarettes openly displayed and brand awareness, controlling for smoking-related and demographic variables

Never-smokers’ susceptibility to smoke
1=susceptible (n=282), 0=not (n=719)
nAOR*95% CI
95% CI
P value
Any close friends smoke
Any siblings smoke<0.001
 No/No siblings836Ref
 Not sure/not stated282.190.994.860.053
Parents smoke0.283
 Neither smokes567Ref
 Not sure/not stated901.480.902.440.121
 12 vs 11 2001.380.852.240.187
 13 vs 11–12 1991.450.982.150.061
 14 vs 11–13 1711.110.751.650.591
 15 vs 11–14 1301.190.781.820.421
 16 vs 11–15 920.490.280.850.011
Social grade
 Middle class (ABC1)461Ref
 Working class (C2DE)5400.780.581.060.112
Notice openly displayed
 No or don’t know195Ref
Brand awareness10011.
Model χ²= 86.530, df=14, p<0.001.
Hosmer and Lemeshow χ²= 10.761, df=8, p=0.216.
Cases correctly classified: 74%.
24 cases excluded due to missing data on one or more independent variables.
  • *Adjusted for all other variables in the model.

  • AOR, adjusted OR; ref, reference category.