Table 1

Distribution of sociodemographic characteristics of the study population in all survey years, year before the partial ban (2013), years between the partial and comprehensive bans (2014–2015), and years after the comprehensive ban (2016–2017)

All survey years20132014–20152016–2017
N observations6202135724432402
Age (mean, SD), years14.5 (1.12)14.6 (1.12)14.5 (1.12)14.5 (1.12)
School year
 Second year53.051.152.854.2
 Fourth year47.048.947.245.8
Family Affluence Scale (FAS)
Smoking status
 Non-(current) smoker95.494.796.095.3
 Current smoker4.
E-cigarette use
 Never used59.984.668.5
 Used once or twice12.512.120.0
 Current/past occasional or regular use5.83.311.5
 2013 (missing)21.9100
Family smoking
 Non-smoking family members61.
 One smoking family member22.524.723.020.6
 At least two smoking family members16.319.316.814.1
Friend smoking
 None of them54.155.160.347.3
 At least some of them34.234.328.040.5
 Don’t know11.610.511.712.2
Visits to supermarkets
Visits to small shops
  • Numbers represent percentages unless indicated otherwise.