Table 1

Transitions in P30D product use at W2 (2014/15) and W3 (2015/16) among W1 (2013/14) P30D cigarette users

YouthYoung AdultsAdults 25+
W1 Exclusive Cigarette UseW1 Cigarette PTUW1 Exclusive Cigarette UseW1 Cigarette PTUW1 Exclusive Cigarette UseW1 Cigarette PTU
Mutually Exclusive PathwaysWeighted %95% CIWeighted %95% CIWeighted %95% CIWeighted %95% CIWeighted %95% CIWeighted %95% CI
Persistent cigarette use type at all waves
 Continuing the same W1 use type (exclusive or PTU) at each wave14.2a (9.6-20.4)42.7a (35.5-50.2)26.2a (23.0-29.7)36.5a (33.9-39.2)54.1a (52.3-55.9)34.9a (33.0-36.9)
Cigarette use type reuptake
 The same use type (exclusive or PTU) at W1 and W3 (but a different tobacco use at W2)11.3(6.5-18.7)11.8(8.0-17.1)14.9a (12.1-18.2)10.1a (8.6-11.8)10.2(9.2-11.3)10.6(9.2-12.2)
Cigarette use type transition
 Transition from W1 exclusive use to PTU by W3, or transition from W1 PTU to exclusive use by W3 (without discontinuing all tobacco use at W2)38.8a (31.8-46.3)10.7a (7.2-15.4)26(22.6-29.8)24.5(22.0-27.2)18.3a (16.9-19.8)37.4a (35.4-39.4)
Switch or discontinue cigarette use, but continue other tobacco use
 W1 exclusive user who switches to another tobacco product by W3 or W1 polytobacco user that discontinues cigarette use by W3 but uses another tobacco product (without discontinuing all tobacco use at W2)4.7†(2.1-10.0)6.9(4.2-11.0)5.0a (3.5-7.0)10.5a (8.9-12.4)1.7a (1.3-2.3)7.3a (6.3-8.5)
Tobacco use reuptake
 W1 users who discontinue all tobacco use at W2 and use again at W311.5(7.7-16.8)8.2(5.3-12.6)7.2(5.3-9.7)4.9(3.7-6.4)2.8a (2.3-3.4)1.9a (1.4-2.5)
Discontinue all tobacco use
 W1 users who discontinue all tobacco use at either W2 and W3 or just W319.5(14.1-26.4)19.8(14.8-26.0)20.7a (17.3-24.6)13.4a (11.6-15.5)12.9a (11.7-14.2)7.9a (7.0-9.1)
  • Analysis included youth (ages 12-17), young adult (ages 18-24), and adult 25+ (ages 25 and older) W1 P30D cigarette users with data at all three waves. Respondent age was calculated based on age at W1. W3 longitudinal (all-waves) weights were used to calculate estimates. All tobacco use is defined as P30D use. Use type refers to exclusive use or PTU.

  • adenotes significant difference at p<0.05 between W1 Exclusive Cigarette Use and W1 Cigarette PTU.

  • The logit-transformation method was used to calculate the 95% CIs.

  • †Estimate should be interpreted with caution because it has low statistical precision. It is based on a denominator sample size of less than 50, or the coefficient of variation of the estimate or its complement is larger than 30%.

  • Analyses were run on the W1, W2, and W3 Public Use Files (

  • CI, confidence interval; P30D, past 30-day; PTU, polytobacco use; W1, Wave 1; W2, Wave 2; W3, Wave 3.