Table 1

Patterns of tobacco (product) use/non-use occurring over multiple time points

User statePatternDefinition
Current/former usersPersistent useUse across all time points
Discontinued useUse to no use
Relapse/reuptake of useUse, to no use, to use
Transition to PTUExclusive use to PTU
Transition to exclusive usePTU to exclusive use
SwitchingExclusive use to different product use
Inconsistent PTUPTU, to no PTU, to PTU
Never usersPersistent never useNever use across all time points
Initiate useNever use to new use
  • Definitions may include multiple patterns across time points, for example, discontinued use includes the use, to no use, to no use pattern, as well as the use, to use, to no use pattern; user states and patterns of use can refer to various frequencies of use, for example, current use can refer to past 30-day use or daily use, new use can refer to experimental use or regular use.

  • PTU, polytobacco use.