Table 2

Correlates of broad transition behaviours

InitiationCessationRelapseAge group12–14, 15–17, 18–24, 25–39, 40–54, 55+ years
SexMale, female
Sexual orientationStraight, gay/lesbian, bisexual, something else (ages 14+ years)
Race/ethnicityNon-Hispanic white, non-Hispanic black/African-American, non-Hispanic other, Hispanic
Educational attainmentLess than high school (HS), HS graduate, some college/Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree+ (adults)
Household income<$25 000, $25 000–$74 999, ≥$75 000, not reported (adults)
Other tobacco product useUse/no use of other tobacco products
DependenceOverall tobacco dependence score
Time since last useLess than 1 year, 1–2 years, 2+ years