Table 3

Perceptions about the impact of external factors on 2030 tobacco-free Finland

Theme: minimal influence of external factors
EU’s 2014 TPD*
Finland is a step ahead of the EU “… somehow we have always been ahead of the EU in tobacco control and that’s why the new Directive is not going to give so many (new) things.”
Finland is autonomous in developing policy “I think that the display ban is a really effective means and it doesn't come from the EU, it’s a national measure. And we have had a display ban since 2010.”
Tobacco industry
Industry is viewed as a non-entity in Finland “One thing is that we don't have tobacco industry which is very important for us when we are preparing things and so it's easier for us to present these things and so on.”
Industry works through a third party “(PR agencies) are advising different interest groups in dealing with politicians. So many political advisors have moved from politics to work for those agencies. So Philip Morris is cooperating with or buying services from those agencies.”
SOTE reform†
Fate of SOTE is
“(SOTE) is a very political issue and nobody knows what will happen. That’s why it is difficult to make proposals on how smoking prevention services should be organised.”
Health promotion is not the main priority “… there will be very little room for health promotion in the new system. It’s more about freedom to choose your own doctor which is the dominant discourse of SOTE.”
  • *European Union’s 2014 Tobacco Products Directive.

  • †the proposed social and health care healthcare reform in Finland.

  • EU, European Union; PR, public relations; SOTE, social and healthcare reform.