Table 2

Weighted, unadjusted prevalence of self-reported exposure to court-ordered, tobacco-related corrective statements (overall and by topic), by sociodemographic characteristics and smoking status (n=3223)

In the past 6 months, saw messages in newspapers or on television that say that a Federal Court has ordered tobacco companies to make statements about the dangers of smoking cigarettes
Any statementsStatements about health effects of smokingStatements about health effects of secondhand smokeStatements about addictiveness of smoking and nicotineStatements about cigarettes being designed to enhance the delivery of nicotineStatements about low tar and light cigarettes being just as harmful as regular cigarettes
F, p value
F, p value
F, p value
F, p value
F, p value
F, p value
Cigarette smoking status
 Non-Hispanic white202040.40.7335.30.8127.00.000224.20.0112.40.2115.60.04
 Non-Hispanic black or African American49243.231.827.617.49.912.7
 Non-Hispanic other race25434.632.413.313.46.47.7
 Fewer than 12 years23735.90.0330.50.0326.20.0619.40.2911.10.5312.90.96
 12 years or completed high school56833.527.821.
 Vocational/technical training or some college97344.438.030.024.413.814.8
 College graduate or postgraduate144541.836.525.623.29.814.8
Household income
 <$20 00052435.30.3430.30.1323.30.0218.20.00310.90.1414.50.28
 $20 000–$34 99939941.335.826.317.77.912.2
 $35 000–$49 99938241.
 $50 000–$74 99954338.733.726.722.317.111.3
 $75 000+108244.238.629.026.210.815.8
  • Exposure by age, sex, rural/urban residence and sexual orientation also were assessed. Data not shown.

  • HINTS 5, Cycle 2 (2018) (n=3504). Complete case analysis with listwise deletion (excluded missing sexual orientation n=192; missing smoking status n=42; missing any Federal Court message n=1; missing specific Federal Court messages n=46). Columns may not sum to 100% due to incomplete or missing responses.

  • HINTS, Health Information National Trends Survey.