Table 2

State-level tobacco 21 policy components passed before 1 July 2019

StateHawaiiCaliforniaNew JerseyOregonMaineMassachusettsVirginiaIllinoisDelawareArkansasVermontTexasMarylandConnecticutWashingtonUtah
Prior local policies in effect14281123703703030802
Policy prohibitionxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Comprehensive tobacco definition
 Regulates tobacco productsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Regulates ENDSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Regulates accessoriesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Exempts FDA Cessationxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Age verification
 Requires age verificationxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 ID appearance age272130272130303030
 EA identifiedxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Age of underage decoy<21<2117–20<21<2116–20<21
 Justification for inspectionsxxx
 TRLxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
 TRL fee*US$20US$265US$50*US$50 US$75US$50US$100*US$110US$180US$30*US$200*US$175*US$20*
 TRL renewal (years)1112 11112112
 EA sets feex
Violation and penalties
 Retailer monetary fine† ‡x †xx †xxx †x ‡x ‡x †x †x †x ‡xxxx †
 Civil, criminal, or either penalty for retailerEitherEitherCivilCivilCivilCriminalCivilCivilCivilEitherEitherCivilCriminalCivil
 Sets a minimum finexxxx
 First penalty fineUS$500US$400–US$600US$250US$500US$300US$100≤ US$100US$200US$250≤ US$250≤ US$100< US$500US$300≤ US$300US$200≤ US$500
 Second penalty fineUS$500–US$2kUS$900–US$1kUS$500US$500US$600US$200≤ US$200US$400US$500≤ US$500≤ US$500< US$750US$1k≤US$750US$600≤ US$750
 Third penalty fineUS$500–US$2kUS$1200–US$1800US$1kUS$1kUS$1kUS$300≤ US$500US$600US$1k≤ US$1k≤ US$500< US$1 kUS$3 k≤ US$1000US$2k≤ US$1 k
 Fourth+penaltiesUS$500–US$2kFourth: US$3–US4k
Fifth: US$5–US$6k
US$1kUS$1kUS$1kUS$300≤ US$500US$800US$1k≤ US$2k≤ US$500≤US$1 kUS$3k≤ US$1000US$3k≤ US$1k
 Penalty accrual (months)60 24124861224243624
 TRL suspension/revocationxxxx xxxxxxxxx
 # Offence/s for TRL suspension§ThirdFirst Fourth§SecondSecondSecondThird **§ThirdThirdThird
 # Offences for TRL revocationFifthSecondFifthFourthFourthFifthFourth
 Clerk monetary penalty†x †x †xx †xxx †x †x †xxxx †
 For retailer (R) or public (P) RRRRRPP
Additional restriction measures
 Strengthened tobacco definitionxxx
 Flavours (excluding mint, tobacco, menthol)xx x
 Distance restrictionxxxxx
 Vending machine accessxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Pharmacy salesx
Negative components
 Military exemptionxxxxxx
 PUP penaltyxxxxxxxxxx
 New or expanded pre-emptionxxxx
Adoption date19 June 20154 May 201621 July 20179 August 20172 August 201727 July 201821 February 20198 April 201917 April 201916 April 201916 May 20197 June 201913 May 201918 June 20195 April 201925 March 2019
Effective date1 January 20169 June 20161 November 20171 January 20181 July 201831 December 20181 July 20191 July 201916 July 20191 September 20191 September 20191 September 20191 October 20191 October 20191 January 20201 July 2020
  • *TRL fee varies per product (eg, tobacco, vapour) or by year (eg, new TRL, renewal); table reports renewal fee for tobacco products.

  • †Law did not clearly identify if the monetary penalties would be placed on the retailer or the clerk/employee who sold tobacco products to a minor.

  • ‡Retailer may not be held liable if they provide proof that employee was trained about the law.

  • §Suspension varies if training program exist.

  • EA, enforcement agency; ENDS, electronic nicotine delivery systems; FDA, Food and Drug Administration; PUP, purchase use or possession; TRL, tobacco retail licence.