Table 1

Household-level tobacco prevalence across regions, provinces and income groups (%)

PanelIndicatorTobacco products
A: Region
Share in expenditure3.6 (5837)1.24 (4111)2.87 (10835)
Share in expenditure3.85 (2071)1.25 (1743)3 (4123)
Share in expenditure3.09 (3766)1.2 (2368)2.61(6712)
B: Province
Share in expenditure1.76(644)1.13(1942)1.36(2400)
Share in expenditure3.4 (2857)1.4 (504)3.07 (3762)
Share in expenditure4.52 (1567)1.36 (989)3.34 (3286)
Share in expenditure2.98 (769)0.91 (676)2.12 (1387)
C: Income groups
 Upper 40%Prevalence27.1313.5744.84
Share in expenditure2.510.852.08
 Lower 60%Prevalence26.1213.9145.83
Share in expenditure4.131.413.24
  • Number of households in parentheses. Expenditure shares averaged over households who bought at least one of the tobacco products. All values are weighed using sampling weights. ‘Any’ is all tobacco products consumed by the household, including but not restricted to cigarettes and chewed.

  • Authors’ calculations from Pakistan Social and Living Standard Measurement (PSLM) 2015–2016 (HIICS) data.

  • HIICS, Household Integrated Income and Consumption Survey; KP, Kyber Pakhtunkhwa.