Table 2

Variation in log unit values and price elasticity for tobacco products

Panel A :analysis of varianceF-stateR-sq
 Chewed tobacco7.71***0.72
Panel B: price elasticity CigarettesChewed
 Cigarettes−1.069*** (0.115)−0.027 (0.208)
 Chewed tobacco−0.103* (0.054)−0.551*** (0.154)
  • ***p<0.01, *p<0.1. Bootstrapped SEs in parentheses. The within-cluster regressions of unit values and budget share estimate the coefficients of log of total household expenditure for cigarette to be 0.037 (SE=0.003) and 0.077 (SE=0.036) for the two equations, respectively. For chewed tobacco, these are found to be –0.016 (SE=0.022) and –0.058 (SE=0.012). The overall tables for within-cluster regressions for all the models are available upon request from the authors.

  • Authors’ calculations from PSLM 2015–2016 (HIICS) data.

  • HIICS, Household Integrated Income and Consumption Survey.