Table 1

Weighted Real price changes in pack revenue and tax—popular pack sizes in UK 2010–2015

Total price increaseGovernment tax increaseTobacco industry revenue increase% of price change that is government tax% of price change that is tobacco industry revenue
Jan 2010 to Dec 2012*
 FM premium 20 stick£0.91£0.67£0.2474%26%
 FM mid price 20 stick£0.96£0.74£0.2277%23%
 FM value 20 stick£1.12£0.87£0.2578%22%
 FM value 19 stick£0.95£0.70£0.1980%20%
 Total FM†77%23%
 RYO premium 12.5 g£0.58£0.43£0.1475%25%
 RYO mid price 12.5 g£0.60£0.43£0.1772%28%
 RYO value 12.5 g£0.55£0.42£0.1376%24%
 Total RYO†73%27%
Jan 2013 to Dec 2015‡
 FM premium 20 stick£1.29£0.71£0.5855%45%
 FM mid price 20 stick£1.08£0.66£0.4261%39%
 FM value 19 stick£0.83£0.60£0.2373%27%
 FM sub value 19 stick£0.37£0.41-£0.04112%−12%
 Total FM†64%36%
 RYO premium 12.5 g£0.64£0.28£0.3644%56%
 RYO mid price 12.5 g£0.55£0.26£0.2848%52%
 RYO value 12.5 g£0.39£0.24£0.1661%39%
 Total RYO48%52%
  • *As of 31 March 2011 £1=US$1.603.21.

  • †As of 31 March 2014 £1=US$1.6672.22.

  • ‡Weighted for volume, popular pack sizes only.

  • FM, factory-made cigarettes; RYO, roll-your-own tobacco.