Table 2

Preferences of cigarette users and cigarette prices (n=856)

Unweighted frequenciesWeighted*
Mean price
Place of purchase
 Store or shop82095.7
 Street vendor272.8
Smoker frequency
 Daily smoker79693.6
 Non-daily smoker575.9
Cigarette brand
 Piccadilly27732.657.18 (15.81)
 Bond Street17623.558.32 (10.22)
 Royal Business21723.640.77 (7.83)
 Monte Carlo899.744.72 (11.37)
 B&H383.971.72 (11.45)
 Sir182.838.61 (43.29)
 Other brands272.336.78 (24.93)
  • *Percentages do not add up to 100 in some cases due to missing values on the following variables: place of last purchase—9 missing values; smoker frequency—3 missing values; cigarette brand—14 missing values.