Table 4

Proportion of illicit cigarettes by sociodemographic characteristics

Illicit (%)P value
Local government area
Geographical area
Age category (years)
Marital status
 Divorced, widowed or separated11.4
 No schooling7.50.4982
 Some primary schooling3.8
 Secondary school completed5.6
 Postsecondary school completed5.8
Monthly income
 Less than D10005.80.0217**
 D5001–D10 0002.3
 Over D10 00016.2
Place of purchase
 Store or shop5.20.0001***
 Street vendor28.6
Smoker frequency
 Daily smoker5.80.7734
 Non-daily smoker7.3
  • We conclude that there is a statistically significant difference among the respective category groups for *p<0.10; **p<0.05; ***p<0.01.