Table 4

Proportion of illicit cigarette consumption from Paraguay*, according to PLS, FTF-householdbrandcigarette, or PDG survey, 2018–2019

Rio de Janeiro
 % of brands from Paraguay100.0100.099.6 (98.8–99.9)
São Paulo
 % of brands from Paraguay99.7 (98.9–99.9)100.0n.a.
Campo Grande
 % of brands from Paraguay99.7 (99.5–99.9)n.avail.n.a.
Belo Horizonte
 % of brands from Paraguay99.6 (97.8–99.9)n.avail.n.a.
João Pessoa
 % of brands from Paraguay96.8 (94.5–98.2)n.avail.n.a.
  • *Based on ‘direct observation of the pack’.

  • †We excluded illicit packs which did not provide information on the country of origin (missing or not visible/legible on the packs): PLS, Rio de Janeiro 3.1%, São Paulo 0.8%, Campo Grande 15.4%, Belo Horizonte 18.6%, and João Pessoa 3.5%; FTF-householdbrandcigarette, Rio de Janeiro, 27.6% and São Paulo, 42.8%; PDG, Rio de Janeiro 1.5%.

  • FTF, face-to-face household; n.a., not applicable; n.avail., not available; PDG, packs discarded in household garbage; PLS, packs littered in the streets.