Table 4

Exculpating the industry by weaponising the smoker’s friends and family

Defence attorneys will often say:
relatives*534223750.320.23“When people told him that they wanted him to quit smoking, like his wife, for example, he told them to mind their own business. He told his daughter, ‘I’m grown.’”67
father/mother16705670.260.27“He didn’t quit when his father … was diagnosed or died of lung cancer.”68
husband/wife16148950.370.39†“His wife, the plaintiff in this case, and his daughters warned him over and over and over again.”69
brother/sister7052160.240.32“You heard from her brother and sister that smoking was forbidden when they were kids…”50
friend/s7553170.300.31“We heard from a couple of his co-workers and friends he enjoyed smoking.”70
common knowledge72100.130.43†“All the plaintiffs’ experts admitted that the dangers and addictive nature of cigarettes were common knowledge.”71
  • P values <0.0001 for all FS and MWR score unless otherwise noted.

  • *Relatives include the terms wife, husband, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister/s, brother/s, daughter/s, son/s, granddaughter/s, grandson/s, uncle/s and aunt/s.

  • †P value <0.001.

  • FS, frequency score; MWR, Mann-Whitney Rho.