Table 2

Most prevalent flavoured tobacco products sold at retailers during baseline and follow-up in Boston, Massachusetts

n=353 retailers
n=353 retailers
Total number of flavoured products inventoried* 6916 144
 Total number of unique brands11826
 Total number of unique flavours44140
Product type
 Cigars/Cigarillos/Blunt wraps502072.612385.4
 Electronic (e)-cigarettes or e-liquids113516.41711.8
 Pipe tobacco70.100.0
Brand name
 Dutch Master124318.01913.2
 Blunt Ville93113.5117.6
 Black & Mild5858.51611.1
 Garcia Y Vega Game4095.92215.3
Flavour name
Flavoured tobacco product
 Dutch Master Vanilla2804.164.2
 Black & Mild Wine2663.964.2
 Dutch Master Grape2603.842.8
 Dutch Master Chocolate2373.442.8
 Blunt Ville Vanilla2053.053.5
Top concept flavours available
  • This table reports the products most frequently found in youth-accessible tobacco retailers in Boston.

  • *During each retailer visit, field staff collected information on each unique product seen in stores (eg, Game Red, Game Blue). This number represents the total number of product types inventoried among all stores surveyed and is not de-duplicated.