Table 3

Putting the smoker on trial (while keeping the industry invisible)

Defence attorneys will often say:
DefencePlaintiffFSMWRExample, from defence closing
he (or she)…63 38641 1040.400.16“when she heard her own husband say it is going to kill you, she did not try to quit.”61
 …did not356315700.310.17“She made the choice not to quit. She did not want to quit.”62
 …never16792360.130.09He never asked for help, he never threw away his cigarettes, he never said, I'm going to stop smoking.”47
 …knew12554970.290.29She knew from the beginning, and her husband confirms, she knew the risks.”56
 …wanted9721990.180.16“He knew smoking was dangerous and addictive long before May 5th, 1982, and he did what he wanted to do.”42
 …admitted333710.180.30She admitted that she already knew the danger before she switched to Kent.”63
Mr/Ms/Mrs32 91215 5140.330.10Mr. Gelep knew that smoking was risky.”64
warning/s28648130.230.14“He received many warnings over the years. And he smoked in the face of those warnings. And he had every right to make that choice.”65
decision/s28577610.220.12“These episodes are proof that his smoking decisions were based on what he wanted to do and not based on addiction.”66
risk/s25807910.240.14“As adults, it is our right to choose to balance the risk and benefits of the things we enjoy.”50
  • P values <0.0001 for all FS and MWR score.

  • FS, frequency score; MWR, Mann-Whitney Rho.