Table 2

Overview of participants’ use of IQOS, combustible cigarettes and e-cigarettes (n=30)

Ex-IQOS use
Current IQOS use
First tried IQOS
 1–3 months ago033
 4–6 months ago033
 7–12 months ago3811
 More than 12 months ago5813
Length of IQOS use
 1–3 months134
 4–6 months347
 7–12 months11011
 More than 12 months358
Country/region first tried IQOS
 Continental Europe*257
 South Africa101
Cigarette smoking status
 Less than monthly156
 Not at all279
E-cigarette use status
 Less than monthly011
 Ex-e-cigarette use 51924
 Never e-cigarette use‡112
Time using tobacco and nicotine products (years)
 More than 2011112
Total range (years)1–222–401–40
 Median (years)141714
 Mean (years)9.717.715.7
  • *These included Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Switzerland and Ukraine.

  • †As defined by answering “How often do you currently use e-cigarettes?” as “Not at all” and answering “Have you ever previously used e-cigarettes?” as “Yes”.

  • ‡As defined by answering “Have you ever previously used e-cigarettes?” as “No”.

  • §This includes use of other tobacco and nicotine products during this period (eg, shisha and cigars). One participant did not disclose this information in a specific enough way, so exists as missing data. N.B. This also excludes large periods of time (over 1 year) in which successful quit attempts were made (ie, these years were removed from the total time spent using tobacco/nicotine products).