Table 1

Participant characteristics

PseudonymGenderAgeEthnicityVaping frequencyLength of time vaping weeklySmoking frequency (CPD)
AmyF35PacificDaily4 monthsExclusive ENDS user
AngieF40NZEDaily4 monthsDaily (30)
AnthonyM21NZEWeekly3 monthsWeekly (0–2)
BrettMNZEDaily3 monthsExclusive ENDS user
CaroF57NZEDaily4 yearsExclusive ENDS user
CharlieM19NZEDaily5 monthsWeekly (2)*
CindyF26MāoriDaily3 monthsExclusive ENDS user
DamianM23NZEDaily3 monthsDaily (3)
DavidM25MāoriDaily5 monthsExclusive ENDS user
DeanM45MāoriDaily5 monthsExclusive ENDS user
EwanM27NZEDaily6 monthsExclusive ENDS user
FionaF37NZEDaily1 yearDaily (10–12)
GinaF49OtherDaily1 yearExclusive ENDS user
HannahF48NZEDaily1 yearDaily (25)
HayleyF34NZEDaily1 monthExclusive ENDS user
HectorMNZEWeekly4 monthsExclusive ENDS user
HenryM63MāoriDaily3 monthsWeekly (1–2)*
JamesM43NZEDaily7 monthsDaily (5–8)
JamieM20MāoriDaily1 yearDaily (3)
JaneF52NZEDaily1 month†Daily (16)
JaydenM20Māori/PacificDaily1 yearWeekly (1)*
KateF56NZEWeekly6 monthsDaily (24–30)
KelvinM22NZEDaily4 months<Weekly (4)*
KurtM32NZEDaily1 yearExclusive ENDS user
MarieF45MāoriDaily15 monthsExclusive ENDS user
MattM26Other<Weeklyn/a<Weekly (1)*
MegF65MāoriDaily8 monthsDaily (10–14)
MikeM44NZEDaily4 yearsExclusive ENDS user
NealM19NZEWeekly4 monthsDaily (4–5)
OliverMNZEWeekly4 monthsExclusive ENDS user
PaikiaF31MāoriDaily1 monthDaily (>20)
PatrickM42PacificDaily9 monthsDaily (8)
PenelopeF60MāoriDaily7 monthsExclusive ENDS user
PeteM43PacificDaily8 monthsExclusive ENDS user
RussellM28NZEDaily1 yearDaily (3–4)
SteveM39Māori/PacificDaily2 yearsExclusive ENDS user
TillyF20MāoriDaily4 monthsExclusive ENDS user
TobyM20NZEWeekly3 monthsDaily (10)
ValF33PacificDaily6 monthsExclusive ENDS user
Range and meanRange 1–24 months13.5 cpd (among dual users)
  • *Cigarettes per day on smoking days for non-daily smokers.

  • †Had been using a vape intermittently for 1 year.

  • CPD, cigarettes per day; ENDS, electronic nicotine delivery systems.