Table 3

Correlates of illicit cigarette consumption in Mexico (dependent variable = 1 if smoker uses illicit cigarettes)

CharacteristicsORsStandard errors
 65 and more1.797−0.788
 Without formal education3.300*−2.382
 Middle school1.770−0.989
 High school1.141−0.632
 University and postgraduateReference
Employment status
Smoking intensity
 Daily cigarette consumption1.098**−0.045
 Daily cigarette consumption2 0.998−0.002
Socioeconomic level‡
 Mexico CityReference
  • *P<0.1; **P<0.05; ***P<0.01.

  • †Education corresponds to the last grade completed.

  • ‡To build the socioeconomic level indicator, the Mexican Association of Market Research Agencies 8×7 method was used, which consists of assigning scores based on eight variables on characteristics of the household (number of rooms, number of bathrooms, whether there is a shower in any of the bathrooms, number of light bulbs, floor type, number of cars, whether the household has a gas or electric stove) and the head of the household (highest grade completed) collected with the survey of smokers.41