Table 1

Basic characteristics of study subjects

Total 5646100.0
Age (years)
 High school or below130523.1
Housing ownership
Marrital status
 Never married196034.7
Current alcohol drinkers
Self-rated health status
Smoking rules in work place
 I: smoking prohibited indoors312655.4(% in policy I)
 I-1: HTPs/e-cig: prohibited indoors264546.884.6
 I-2: HTPs/e-cig: allowed indoors601.11.9
 I-3: HTPs/e-cig: no rules indoors4217.513.5
 II: smoking room/corner available221839.3(% in policy II)
 II-1: HTPs/e-cig: prohibited indoors111219.750.1
 II-2: HTPs/e-cig: allowed indoors951.74.3
 II-3: HTPs/e-cig: no rules indoors101117.945.6
 III: smoking allowed indoors3025.3
Tobacco smoking status
 Combustible cigarettes smoking status
 Never smoker286150.7
 Former smoker155127.5
 Current smoker123421.9
 Current use of HTPs and/or e-cig*59710.6
 Dual use (HTPs and/or e-cig and combustible cigarettes)3997.1
 Current use of HTPs*5439.6
 Dual use (HTPs and combustible cigarettes)3596.4
 Current use of e-cig*1352.4
 Dual use (e-cig and combustible cigarettes)1061.9
  • *Means total of single and multiple products users.

  • e-cig, electronic cigarettes; HTP, heated tobacco product.