Table 2

Best-selling packet of 20 cigarette and RYO 30 g brand variant descriptives

RankBrand variant namePrice segmentNumber of sales (N)Proportion of total sales (%)Proportion of total shops selling (%)Wholesaler RSP April/September* 2018 (£)Mean of shop prices (£)Min. price (£)Max. price (£)Range of prices (£)
Cigarette packets of 20
 1Players Kingsize Real RedSubvalue14 76613.397.17.657.887.559.652.10
 2Players Superking Real RedSubvalue13 49612.294.97.657.887.559.852.30
 3L&B Kingsize Blue Real BlueValue57085.
 4Kensitas Club* KingsizeSubvalue57015.164.610.557.847.5010.653.15
 5JPS Kingsize Real BlueValue50744.694.98.308.597.8510.492.64
 6L&B Kingsize Original SilverMidprice46284.293.19.309.647.6511.654.00
 7Mayfair Kingsize Original BlueMidprice43653.990.19.659.869.3511.402.05
 8Sterling Kingsize DualValue35173.
 9Carlton Superking RedSubvalue33273.077.47.757.997.509.532.03
 10Players Kingsize CrushballSubvalue29612.786.97.657.917.299.652.36
Total top 1063 54357.37.2911.654.36
 17Regal Kingsize BluePremium13481.222682.4810.9010.2013.253.05
 18Marlboro Gold KingsizePremium13321.219872.2610.7010.4412.712.27
RYO 30 g
 1Amber LeafMidprice/ premium288731.292.713.0013.1812.2014.992.79
 2Gold Leaf & PapersValue229824.889.810.9010.739.9915.255.26
 3Golden Virginia Original & PapersMidprice/ premium104111.386.913.3513.1912.5015.993.49
Total top 3622667.39.9915.995.00
  • *Kensitas Club, a Scottish brand manufactured by Gallaher Group, a subsidiary of Japan Tobacco, was relaunched in UK in February 2018. At this time, a new Superking variant was introduced and the RRP for the established Kingsize variant was vastly reduced by the manufacturers, from £10.55 to £7.65. The RRP of £10.55 suggested for Kensitas Club Kingsize by the wholesalers in April 2018 reflects the pricing of the brand before the relaunch.

  • †Wholesaler RSP figures for cigarettes from April 2018 and for RYO from September 2018.

  • RRP, recommended retail price; RSP, recommended sales price; RYO, roll your own.