Table 1

Distribution of smokers aged 18 and above in the survey of smokers in eight Mexican cities, by selected sociodemographic characteristics

CharacteristicsWeighted numbersUnweighted numbers
%95% CI%n
 Female38.4(35.0 to 42.0)31.3751
 Male61.6(58.0 to 65.0)68.71645
 18–2418(15.2 to 21.1)16.6398
 25–4445.7(42.3 to 49.2)46.31109
 45–6429(26.0 to 32.2)29.0695
 65 and more7.3(5.9 to 9.0)8.1194
 Without formal education1.6(1.1 to 2.4)2.149
 Primary19.7(17.2 to 22.5)23.4561
 Middle school38.3(35.0 to 41.8)35.9859
 High school28.4(25.4 to 31.6)28.5683
 University and postgraduate11.9(9.8 to 14.5)10.1242
 Employed63.8(60.3 to 67.2)68.81639
 Inactive32.8(29.5 to 36.3)27.9665
 Unemployed3.4(2.3 to 5.0)3.378
Socioeconomic level†
 High20.3(17.8 to 23.1)20.2484
 Medium36.7(33.5 to 40.0)37.1889
 Low43(39.6 to 46.5)42.71023
  • *Education corresponds to the last grade completed.

  • †To build the socioeconomic level indicator, the Mexican Association of Market Research Agencies 8×7 method was used, which consists of assigning scores based on eight variables on characteristics of the household (number of rooms, number of bathrooms, whether there is a shower in any of the bathrooms, number of light bulbs, floor type, number of cars, whether the household has a gas or electric stove) and the head of the household (highest grade completed) collected with the survey of smokers.41 95% CI: confidence interval at 95% estimated using a normal approximation and sampling weights.

  • n, number of observations.