Table 2

Illicit cigarettes in Mexico by city

Survey of smokersCollection of littered packs
% of smokers who use illicit cigarettesIllicit share of the total consumption of cigarettesIllicit share of the total consumption of cigarettes
EstimateEstimate95% CIEstimate95% CI
Mexico City*2.2%2.4%(0.6% to 4.0%)6.6%(5.1% to 8.6%)
Durango11.6%16.5%(8.7% to 25.9%)17.5%(15.4% to 19.8%)
Guadalajara*5.3%5.6%(2.7% to 11.5%)10.6%(8.7% to 13.0%)
Hermosillo0.3%3.8%(0.7% to 8.6%)0.3%(0.1% to 0.8%)
Leon11.8%22.2%(11.9% to 33.7%)27.5%(24.8% to 30.4%)
Merida*5.2%1.5%(0.6% to 3.2%)7.8%(6.4% to 9.6%)
Monterrey*3.6%5.2%(2.6% to 10.6%)1.4%(0.7% to 2.7%)
Veracruz0.9%2.6%(0.3% to 6.6%)1.0%(0.5% to 2.1%)
Total 5.0% 7.6% (6.5% to 8.7%) 8.8% (8.2% to 9.4%)
  • For the survey of smokers, illicit market share is calculated based on self-reported intensity of smoking. The totals are weighted by the number of smokers in each city.

  • *P<0.05 in two-tailed test for comparison of two proportions with no sampling weights; 95% CI: confidence interval at 95% estimated using a normal approximation and sampling weights.