Table 1

Brand variants (with number of crushable flavour capsules) and chemical levels (mg/cigarette) found in cigarettes from 27 packs purchased in Canada and Mexico*, and from five ‘menthol’ brands purchased in the USA within each of four pairs (Embedded Image,) the flavour profiles are essentially identical

Pack #Sampler member (if applicable)Brand name and variant
(# of crushable flavour capsules)
CountryName AbbreviationTotal other flavour compounds
Flavour category‡Total fruit flavour compounds
Total non-menthol non- fruit, flavour compounds
1Marlboro ‘Fusion Shine’ (1)MexicoM-FS3.438.42M+
2◯ Lucky Strike ‘Convertibles’ blue” (1)MexicoLS-CB2.369.18M+30.332.0317.3
3blue◯ Lucky Strike ‘Flow Filter’ March/blue (1)MexicoLS-M/b2.269.25M+30.291.9716.7
4◻Marlboro ‘Velvet Fusion Blast’ (2)MexicoM-VFB1.8711.0M+21.480.3911.2
5◻Marlboro ‘Double Fusion Velvet’ (2)MexicoM-DFV1.6311.3M+21.290.3410.1
6light greenLucky Strike ‘Flow Filter’ October/lt. green (1)MexicoLS-O/lg1.414.62M+20.740.6716.5
7Benson & Hedges ‘Polar Pearls’ (2)MexicoBH-PP1.3611.9M+21.150.2111.3
8Marlboro ‘Amber’ (2)MexicoM-A1.277.88M+21.080.1910.8
9Marlboro ‘Double Fusion Amber’ (2)MexicoM-DFA1.277.88M+
10Pall Mall/XL ‘Mystery’ (2)MexicoPM-Mys1.186.12M+21.150.0311.5
11Marlboro ‘Capsula Fresca’ (1)MexicoM-CF0.814.65M+10.030.789.12
3orangeLucky Strike ‘Flow Filter’ March/orange (1)MexicoLS-M/o0.717.80M+10.510.2018.4
12Lucky Strike ‘Convertibles’ purple (1)MexicoLS-CP0.704.64M+10.670.0317.3
13Pall Mall/XL ‘Tokyo Midnight’ (2)MexicoPM-TM0.688.66M+10.390.2912.5
6purpleLucky Strike ‘Flow Filter’ October/purple (1)MexicoLS-O/p0.636.56M+10.600.0316.9
14Marlboro ‘uby Fusion Blast’ (2)MexicoM-RFB0.5810.3M+10.380.2013.1
3red△Lucky Strike ‘Flow Filter’ March/red (1)MexicoLS-M/r0.562.97M+10.540.0217.4
6redLucky Strike ‘Flow Filter’ October/red (1)MexicoLS-O/r0.563.82M+10.540.0216.8
15Pall Mall/XL ‘Black Edition/Maui Crepuscule’ (1)MexicoPM-Maui0.565.40M+10.530.0311.8
16Marlboro ‘Double Fusion Ruby’ (2)MexicoM-DFR0.5510.6M+10.360.199.79
6greenLucky Strike ‘Flow Filter’ October/green (1)MexicoLS-O/g0.538.27M+10.240.2919.4
17Chesterfield ‘Caps Purple’ (1)MexicoC-CP0.475.94M+10.370.109.78
18Benson & Hedges ‘Crystal Violet’ (1)MexicoBH-CV0.425.05M+10.350.074.39
19Pall Mall/XL ‘Black Edition/Ibiza Sunset’ (1)MexicoPM-IS0.413.18M+10.400.0110.6
20Pall Mall ‘Wave’ (1)MexicoPM-W0.393.37M+10.380.017.90
3greenLucky Strike ‘Flow Filter’ March/green (1)MexicoLS-M/g0.326.17M+10.180.1419.3
21Pall Mall/XL ‘Mykonos Nightfall’ (1)MexicoPM-Myk0.15 (0.65)**5.89M+10.03 (0.53)**0.1213.9
22Benson & Hedges ‘Crystal Blue’ (1)MexicoBH-CB0.126.77M0.010.118.97
23Next ‘Green’ (0)CanadaN-G0.01<0.01NF<0.01~03.07
24John Player ‘Choice’ (0)CanadaJP-C0.01<0.01NF0.01~09.63
25Benson and Hedges ‘Unison’ (0)CanadaBH-U0.01ND††NF0.01~06.66
26Camel ‘North, Aqua Filter’ (0)CanadaC-NA<0.01NDNF<0.01~08.58
27Du Maurier ‘Nano Blue’ (0)CanadaDM-NB<0.01<0.01NF<0.01~014.5
All Lucky Strike from Mexico—average ±SD:1.00±0.746.33±2.2617.61±1.06
All Pall Mall from Mexico—average ±SD:0.64±0.295.44±2.0211.35±2.03
All Marlboro from Mexico—average ±SD:1.43±0.949.02±2.269.81±2.03
All Benson & Hedges from Mexico—average ±SD:0.63±0.657.91±3.568.22±3.52
US Brands (no of crushable flavour capsules)
28Camel ‘Crush’ (menthol) (1)CC-M/U.S.0.033.05M0.01~09.50
29Nat Sherman ‘Menthol’ (0)NS-M/U.S.0.012.92M0.01~011.6
30Natural American Spirit ‘Menthol’ (0)NAS-M0.032.63M0.01~05.80
31Marlboro ‘menthol’ (0)M-M/U.S.0.132.10M0.120.018.11
32Newport (menthol) (0)Np-M/U.S.0.011.58M0.01~05.90
  • *The Lucky Strike ‘Flow Filter’ March pack (Mexico) contained four flavour variants in the pack as colour coded on the filter: blue (b), orange (o), green (g) and red (r). The Lucky Strike ‘Flow Filter’ October pack (Mexico) also contained four flavour variants in the pack as colour coded on the filter: light green (lg), green (g), purple (p), red (r).

  • †TOFCs=total other flavour chemicals (excludes menthol, excludes triacetin).

  • ‡M=menthol only; M-4+=menthol plus 4 mg/cig>TOFCS > 3 mg/cig; M-3+=menthol plus 3 mg/cig>TOFCS > 2 mg/cig; M-2+=menthol plus 2 mg/cig>TOFCS > 1 mg/cig; M-1+=menthol 1 mg/cig>TOFCS > 0.3 mg/cig; NF=not flavoured.

  • §TFFCs=total fruit flavour compounds (compounds considered to be in the ‘fruit’ and ‘mint’ groups are identified in online supplemental table 1.

  • ¶TNMNFFCs=total non-menthol non-fruit flavour compounds.

  • **The non-target flavour compound 6Z-nonenal (CAS 2277-19-2) was tentatively identified as also being present (at ~0.5 mg/cigarette).

  • ††ND=not detected.