Table 2

A 10 and 20-year difference in economic outcomes from the insurer and societal perspectives by duration of media campaign compared with no campaign ($ millions)

Media campaign durationNet medical expenditure* by primary insurerEconomic outcomes from societal perspective
Private insurersMedicaidMedicareMedia campaign costsNet medical expenditures*Change in productivity lossesNet direct costs† (societal perspective)Net direct and indirect costs‡ (societal perspective)
10 years after campaign start
1 year−170−870−360130−1700−1570−1570−3140
5 years−350−3000−1200640−5600−4420−4960−9370
10 years−180−3600−13701280−6360−5320−5080−10 400
20 years after campaign start
1 year−920−1690−1190130−4470−4600−4350−8940
5 years−3600−7190−4550640−18 110−13 970−17 460−31 430
10 years−4970−11 870−69201280−28 140−22 670−26 860−49 530
  • *Include the expenditures of smoking cessation treatments and expenditures of smoking-attributable illness.

  • †Includes net medical expenditures plus media campaign costs.

  • ‡Includes net medical expenditures, media campaign costs and productivity gains.