Table 6

Illicit cigarette brands by location of the tax stamp’s origin, by wave

Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3Total
Armada1 (unclear/missing)7 (6 unclear/missing, 1 Georgia)8
Astra1 (Georgia)2 (unclear/missing)3
Camel Blue1 (Georgia)1
1 (Georgia)2
Continent2 (1 Abkhazia territory, 1 Russia)1 (Abkhazia territory)3
(Abkhazia territory)
GM1 (unclear/missing)1
Imperator1 (unclear/missing)1
Kent1 (Georgia)1
L&M4 (Georgia)4
Magna1 (Georgia)1 (Georgia)2
Manchester9 (6 Abkhazia territory, 1 Russia, 2 unclear/missing)34 (31 Abkhazia territory, 2 Russia, 1 unclear/missing)53 (49 Abkhazia territory, 4 Russia)96
Marlboro1 (unclear/missing)2 (unclear/missing)3
MZE (White)1 (Georgia)1
M11 (Abkhazia territory)3 (Abkhazia territory)4
Phillip Morris1 (Georgia)1 (unclear/missing)2
Pirveli3 (Georgia)1 (Georgia)4
Prima1 (Georgia)1
Samefo1 (unclear/missing)1
VIP1 (Armenia)1
Wilson Blue1 (unclear/missing)1
Winston1 (Georgia)1
X1 Silver Slims1 (Georgia)1
Unknown Armenian/Abkhazian brand5 (4 Abkhazia territory, 1 Armenia)5