Table 1

Descriptive statistics

Population percentagePercentage of this category that are in tobacco-related debt
Farmers in tobacco-related debt (n=368):57100
Age (n=381):
 Below 40 years5251
 40+ years4863
Gender (n=379):
Farmers’ educational level (n=253):
 No education669
 Primary education3464
 Secondary education5951
Size of farm (n=370)
 Less than or equal to 11.3 acres (4.57 hectares)4742
 More than 11.3 acres (4.57 hectares)5370
Tobacco farming (n=381):
 Tobacco farming as the primary occupation8659
 Tobacco farming as the secondary occupation1442
Type of farmer (n=380):
 Contract farmers7466
 Independent farmers2631
Satisfaction with profit (n=333):
 Not at all8157
Type of labour (n=373):
 Employ exclusively family labour4670
 Employ hired labour5445
Record expenses (n=332):
 Not at all4670
Desire to shift to contract farming (n=84):
 Highly unlikely1813
 Highly likely4646
Desire to shift to independent farming (n=263):
 Highly unlikely440
 Highly likely5355
  • Source, Authors’ own calculations