Table 1

Characteristics of respondents at the time of interview

Store identificationOwner/keeperTotal time under programme contract
(as of October/November 2019)
Sampoerna Retail Community (SRC)
 SRC 1Owner6 months
 SRC 2Owner3 months
 SRC 3Owner1 year
 SRC 4Owner10 years
 SRC 5Keeper1.5 years
 SRC 6Owner9 years
 SRC 7Owner4 months
 SRC 8Owner9 months
 SRC 9Owner11 years
 SRC 10Owner1 year
 SRC 11Owner2 years
 SRC 12Keeper
Gudang Garam Strategic Partnership (GGSP)
 GGSP 1Owner4 years
 GGSP 2Owner10 months
 GGSP 3Owner2 years
 GGSP 4Keeper10 years
 GGSP 5Owner1 year
 GGSP 6Owner1 year