Table 2

Tobacco-related tax changes during the period of analysis

TaxMarch 2012March 2013March 2014March 2015March 2016March 2017May 2017November 2017October 2018
Panel A: Specific excise tax for each tobacco type over time
 Factory made*167.41176.22184.10189.49196.42207.99207.99217.23228.29
 Minimum excise tax†268.63280.15293.95
 Roll your own‡164.11172.74180.46185.74198.10209.77209.77221.18234.65
Panel B: Change in specific excise tax from previous period
 Factory made8.817.885.396.3911.570.009.2411.06
 Roll your own8.837.725.2812.3611.670.0011.4113.47
Panel C: Percentage change in specific excise tax compared with previous period
 Factory made+5.26+4.47+2.93+3.66+5.890.00+4.44+5.09
 Roll your own+5.26+4.47+2.93+6.65+5.890.00+5.44+6.09
Panel D: Ad valorem and VAT tax rates over time
 Ad valorem tax§ (%)16.516.516.516.516.516.516.516.516.5
 VAT (%)202020202020202020
  • *Specific tax £ per 1000 cigarettes.

  • †Minimum excise tax introduced for factory made cigarettes: specific tax plus ad valorem tax (16.5%) of RRP.

  • ‡Specific tax £ per 1000 g.

  • §Applied to FM cigarettes only.

  • FM, factory made; RRP, recommended retail price; VAT, value-added tax.