Table 3

Quantiles of price paid per stick and volume of sales

Factory made cigarettesRoll your own tobacco
Price per stick (£)*Market share of sticks sold (%)†Price per stick (£)*Market share of sticks sold (%)†
0.95> θ0.4869.420.21522.37
0.85 < θ≤0.950.46618.230.20513.05
0.75 < θ≤0.850.42410.700.1949.94
0.65 < θ≤0.750.41216.110.18613.79
0.55 < θ≤0.650.40711.440.18011.58
0.50 < θ≤0.550.3921.650.1747.99
0.45 < θ≤0.500.3852.350.1717.08
0.35 < θ≤0.450.3777.440.1683.75
0.25 < θ≤0.350.3656.770.1633.83
0.15 < θ≤0.250.3526.760.1593.37
0.05 < θ≤0.150.3416.880.1532.96
  • *Price per stick refers to the upper bound of each quantile band (θ).

  • †Volume sold is the percentage sold in this category at this price band as a percentage of all FM or RYO sold in this category. Price distribution for a specific product class captures the prices of all products falling within the category. Volume sold refers to the % sold in each price band, due to rounding, total sales may not sum to 100%.

  • FM, factory made; RYO, roll your own.