Table 2

Summary of the expected overall impact of nine different licensing-law strategies on tobacco retailers in Ohio (prepolicy number of retailers=11 389)

StrategyNumber of retailers
Number of
retailers remaining
% of retailers removed
Capping-based, 1 per thousand*73910 6506.5
Capping-based, 0.7 per thousand*3365802429.6
Declustering-based, 200 ft*[698, 709][10 680, 10 691][6.1, 6.2]
Declustering-based, 500 ft*[2792, 2844][8545, 8597][24.5, 24.9]
School-based, 500 ft of a school32711 0622.9
School-based, 1000 ft of a school1470991912.9
Pharmacy-based113910 25010.0
Capping-based and school-based*[3464, 4458][6931, 7025][38.3, 39.1]
Pharmacy-based and school-based2491889821.9
  • [ ]Numbers in square brackets indicate, when needed, the range of potential values. While the capping-based policies are implemented at random, the final number of retailers removed does not vary over the randomizations.

  • *A policy that was implemented at random (250 times) to explore the potential variation (statistical uncertainty) of carrying out this policy.