Table 1

Comparison of industry revenue as featured in the original paper against the corrected figures for the first and last month of the data series

OriginalCorrectedUnder reporting% OriginalOriginalCorrectedUnder reporting% original
FM premium 20 stick£1.24£1.36-£0.1210%£1.95£2.22-£0.2714%
FM economy 20 stick£0.77£0.86-£0.0912%£1.33£1.57-£0.2418%
FM value 20 stick£0.38£0.46-£0.0821%£0.66£0.85-£0.1929%
FM sub value 19 stick£0.38£0.57-£0.1950%
RYO premium 12.5g£1.03£1.09-£0.066%£1.47£1.61-£0.1410%
RYO mid price 12.5g£0.82£0.87-£0.056%£1.20£1.33-£0.1311%
RYO value 12.5g£0.80£0.86-£0.067%£0.84£0.96-£0.1214%