Table 4

Multivariable associations of HTP regulatory environment with awareness, trial and current use of HTPs, within the overall sample and among concurrent smokers–vapers

Outcome variable &
HTP regulatory environment
aOR (95% CI)
Overall sample*Concurrent smoker–vapers†
Aware of HTPs‡n=12 987n=3528
 HTP-unavailable countriesREFREF
 HTP-available countries1.10 (0.96–1.24) 1.42 (1.13–1.79)
Ever tried HTPs‡n=12 987n=3528
 HTP-unavailable countriesREFREF
 HTP-available countries 1.61 (1.11–2.35) 1.68 (1.18–2.41)
Ever tried HTPs§n=4252n=1589
 HTP-unavailable countriesREFREF
 HTP-available countries 1.54 (1.05–2.30)1.21 (0.77–1.92)
Current HTP user‡n=12 987n=3528
 HTP-unavailable countriesREFREF
 HTP-available countries 1.79 (1.16–2.76) 1.68 (1.12–2.53)
Current HTP user¶n=697n=527
 HTP-unavailable countriesREFREF
 HTP-available countries1.25 (0.62–2.50)1.09 (0.50–2.39)
  • Bold values indicate the 95% CI does not include the null value.

  • *Adjusted for age, sex, ethnicity, SES and other nicotine use status.

  • †Adjusted for age, sex, ethnicity and SES.

  • ‡All respondents included in analysis.

  • §Only HTP-aware respondents included in analysis.

  • ¶Only HTP ever users included in analysis.

  • aOR, adjusted odds ratio; HTP, heated tobacco product; HTP-available, respondents from CA or EN; HTP-unavailable, respondents from the US or AU; REF, reference value; SES, socioeconomic status.