Table 2

Concepts and themes to consider related to education and community engagement for a state-wide flavoured tobacco ban

ThemesCodesSample responses
Media campaigns
  • Flavoured tobacco campaign critical to increasing general awareness.

  • Menthol campaign needed to expose exploitation, spread awareness of risks.

  • Advertising cessation resources should complement any campaign.

‘There needs to be a public health media campaign that gets this message home about the importance and the problems with flavored tobacco products, and there needs to be cessation services made available to people who want to quit.’
Retailers as partners
  • Retailers should be valued as partners; overall they want to cooperate but need support.

  • Anticipate initial pushback: loss of retail sales is a common concern.

‘Based on our experience, you know, the retailer engagement is absolutely key. They're hopefully partners in this effort, and not just people to be regulated…Ensuring compliance with the policy [is easier] when they are on board with it, and in our experience most retailers genuinely want to comply with the policies.’
Community partners
  • Community members need to be at the centre of planning and action.

  • Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander and Filipino leadership key to building a broader coalition to advance health equity.

  • Engaging youth can also be highly effective.

  • Organised, coordinated turn-out public hearings critical in legislative process.

  • Other key actors could include law enforcement, religious groups, military and tourism industry.

‘You have to engage the community that you’re regulating…you can’t regulate a population that uses it at very high rates, and that are addicted, without engaging that population.’